How Law Firms Should Use Press Releases To Generate New Business – Law firms have been slow, for the most part, coming to the news release party. However using news releases in a world of online news, social signals like Facebook and Twitter, not to mention the omnipresence of Google, is an easy, fast and simple mechanism for law firms to increase profile. So long as it’s done correctly.

Press releases have been around for many years in the days of “old media” and as journalists sit before monitors that blink out every bit of news Google and company can send out, the chances of receiving high public profile through a well crafted press release is something that can create largely free publicity.

What are some of the key elements needed for a good law firm press release?

First, the ‘angle’. A tedious story about a lawyer being elevated to partnership is just that – another partner announcement. But if the lawyer has written a book, on litigation or Laplan, then say it. If he or she has been a grocery clerk in a previous life, then say it. Create an emotional connection with the audience and something that resonates with journalists and readers. The fact is, people will tend to glaze over at just another “partner announcement”.

Second, the headline. Headlines are critical. You have seconds to make a connection so make every word count. Your latest deal isn’t “Firm Announces Major Multi-Currency Loan Swap”, it should be: “Euro-Currency Crisis Fuels Urgency Over Currency Deal”, or somesuch news-linked title. Headlines need to connect in terms of emotion, news or relevance. Put consideration into them, rather than attempting simply to create a ‘release-of-record’ that records a transaction without necessary concern as to its newsworthiness.

Third, keywords. These are the fuel of the optimized website or news release and you need to think about which keywords are important to your practise. If you’re a personal injury lawyer focused on a particular area – cruise liner accidents, auto accidents, spinal injuries – then use them. If you’re a property lawyer dealing with commercial leasing in London or New York then use the appropriate keywords in your release. This is part-art, part-science but a good SEO-focused writer can do wonders for your release.

Four, social signals. Everyone knows about Facebook, Twitter and the other social media outlets and you should ensure you’re website is ‘receptive’ to the social signals and ideally that your news release can be passed on via Google+, Facebook, Twitter and one of the fastest-growing social networks, Pinterest. Pinterest is primarily female-focused and photo-focused so if you have a good image to attach to your press release then attach it.

Using press releases to find greater business business, expose your law firm to a wider market and ensure it remains relevant and high on the online community is easily done. If you need to know more you may email at [email protected] and get a quote to write, release and distribute your law firm’s press release.

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