How to Make Your Customers Sweet on You with Confectionery Promotions

Do you remember the thrill of spending your pocket money or the occasional cash treat when you were a kid? For most of us this meant the pleasure and pain of choosing lollies….there were always so many to choose from and making the right choice could be hard!

We might be all grown up now but most adults will still quite happily munch on lollies given half the chance. Ask any kid and they’re bound to tell you that their parents regularly raid their stash when they think they aren’t looking. But, have you ever thought how you could turn our love of confectionery into a business winner?

It’s actually really easy. Confectionery based promotional items are very popular at the moment. They’re fun, they can be fully customised to carry your company name and brand and everybody likes them. Even if you happen to give them to one of those few adults who still doesn’t secretly like to eat this kind of stuff every now and then the chances are they won’t want to waste them and they’ll give them to someone else in their office.

You know sometimes you want to stand out from the crowd and promotional confectionery items can simply give you a shove right to the front of the pack! A restaurant, for example, could give out mint cards. These dispensers are small enough to fit into a handbag, pocket or desk drawer and every time someone has a mint they’ll also see your name, logo and contact details.

Or, as an alternative, let’s say you’re an office supplies company and you want to market your services to some new prospects. Every time you have a meeting you leave behind a brochure and a confectionery dispenser with your name and number on it (and lots of lovely lollies in it). The brochure may, of course, well end up stuck in a filing cabinet never to be seen again.

Where will the confectionery dispenser end up? On somebody’s desk. They’ll see it every day and so will everyone else who walks past and who tries to steal something from it. You won’t just be giving them a jelly bean, a gummy bear or a lollipop. You’ll also be giving them your name at the same time. That’s potentially worth a whole lot more than your filed brochure at the end of the day!

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