I-TermPaper.com Wants You to Know That Your Information Is Totally Safe with Us

I-TermPaper.com does business with our customers entirely over the internet, when a customer asks us to write a custom paper we ask for personal information such as email addresses and credit card information. We want you to feel that you can give us this data and it will stay with us and not go anywhere else. We don’t want our customers to worry that their information might be stolen or misused. In order to make sure that your private details are totally safe with us we have instituted a new privacy policy for 2011. We are ensuring that our hardware on our computers is protected with data centers functioning offline connected to other computers only by means of our local network. The usage of all data carriers is forbidden.

We spent a lot of time researching our privacy policies and security systems at I-TermPaper.com. We conducted research and consulted experts before finally deciding on a privacy policy that protects customer information with three layers of security. Customer information will be protected by our code of conduct and certain bans, the hardware structure of our computer networks and our software at level 3. I-TermPaper.com wants our customers to feel totally safe with us.

At http://i-termpaper.com you can find learn more about our privacy policy, as well as the recent events and news of our company or you may contact our online customer support service.

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