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Excellent service. I was a little worried about buying a character, but after having a discussion with the support staff, all my fears evaporated into thin air. I would recommend this service to all boys and girls wishing to enter the world of warcraft account. My experience was very good. Received my account in around 2 hours from my order. The verification process was very fast, and it was completed in a jiffy. I have no words to thank them with. The world of warcraft account is the best service in the gaming zone.

Surprised? Don’t worry. These are just two of the many good testimonials that we have received for our services. These have come from our first time customers who have now turned to our patrons. We have developed such a relationship with them that every new account that they get us, they are given an appropriate incentive in the form of a discount on their next purchase. This way we get orders and they get good bargains on their buy of wow accounts.. It is a win-win situation for both of us. We are providers of WOW accounts.

On a visit to our website,, you will observe that we provide a host of services like affiliate programs, help desk, tracking of order status online, our blog, a reward zone, site map, and account login. We are providers of games like Age of Conan, Aion, Anarchy Online, etc. We are sellers of WOW accounts and world of warcraft accounts. Gamewar is a gaming company based in the USA, which is into retailing of MMO accounts since the month of September 07. We are currently, the largest retailers of MMOG, accounts, with a battery of pre-owned and leveled by us accounts. We do not profess to be brokers, but we supply high-end accounts listed on the website, and which we have complete ownership of. If you are looking for any shady deals then you are at the wrong door.

Our WOW account and eve online accounts is backed by our service guarantee policy in which we give a guarantee of 100% for our gaming accounts. In case if you have any problems with your world of warcraft account or you cannot play your account, then we give you complete replacement of your account. Our guarantee stands for all the deficiencies that you find in our service. Our deliveries are done with the latest technology. Once you are verified, then we instantly sent you an email incorporating your information. Some deliveries happen in seconds while others take time if we have not updated the password. However, your deliveries will be sent to you within 1-48 hours of your account being verified by us.

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