John Wayne Gacy and the John Doe ID Issue – CSI:Gacy – New technology is to be used to establish just who convicted and executed murderer John Wayne Gacy actually did kill.

Gacy was executed in 1994, convicted of murdering 33 males who he lured to his home before sexually assaulting and killing them.

Eight of the Gacy victims however remained unidentified. However scientists at the University of North Texas are now using new technology that can uncover just who the “John Doe” victims actually are.

“These remains go back 35 years and that is just too long for those families of the missing to wake up and not know what happened,” co-director of the center, Arthur Eisenberg, said.

Dr. Eisenberg says his team at the UNT Health Science Center has been successful in pulling DNA samples, even more complete profiles from the skeletal remains of the Gacy victims. But, he says to put a name to the remains will take a living match.

“We can get DNA from each and every one of these bones, but unless we have something to compare it to, we won’t be able to make the identification.”

Although executed in 1994, but the anguish caused by his Gacy’s crimes remains today. A short time ago, a judge granted a request to exhume one victim whose mother doubted the medical examiner’s conclusion that her son was found under Gacy’s house.

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