Keylogger Software For PC

Keylogger Software for PC
Record each and every typed Keystroke entries and Web browsing details
Thursday; 25, Feb 2010 recently launched version of Employee Monitoring Keylogger Software, the most prominent and reliable software for desktop activities monitoring.
Secure your kid’s online activities by using spy keylogger software which is completely invisible to your child, hardly traceable tool record and track every internet activity of your children while you are away from them. Keystroke logging software let you know what they do on internet including typed key strokes, email addresses, keyword search details, voice chat history and visited websites etc in your absence. Newly added feature of advance keylogger software facilitate user with Remote Monitoring by receiving captured screenshots, clipboard content, printing activities and even email login and sending details for your personal computer in form of log files at the email id specified by the owner.
System Requirements: 512Mb RAM, 20Mb disk space, any Windows OS
Main Features:
* Record all keyboard typed entries, clipboard content, websites visited, email send details etc for your personal computer/laptop.
* Store voice chat conversations performed by kids with strangers online.
*Extremely useful for kids monitoring by parents or to supervise employees activities in working hours.
* Facilitate to capture entire screenshots so that you can see what was happening with your laptop in your absence.
* Software records all performed online/offline activities into encrypted log file which can later viewed by the user.
* Invisible system monitoring application starts recording with windows startup.
* Keylogger software is password protected utility that prevents the unauthorized user to access configuration settings.
For more details, please visit:
Software price: Only $49 US dollars (Rs. 2258 approx).
For any technical query and support please send e-mail @:- [email protected]


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