Latest Version of SQL Recovery Tool Launched – SQL Function Recovery Possible

Latest version 4.7 of SysTools SQL Recovery software has been launched. Advanced feature has been added to the software which is now updated to recover functions from SQL database also. Gothenburg, Sweden, May 01, 2010 – SysTools SQL Recovery software has been updated and the latest version is v4.7. An advanced feature of SQL function recovery has been added to the software now. Users can easily use this SQL database recovery tool to recover SQL functions also. User Defined Functions (USF), compact pieces of Transact SQL code, can accept parameters and return a value or a table. These functions are created using standard SQL commands and are saved as individual work units. Functions are mainly used for data transformation and retrieval of the reference value. (For example “LEFT” is the function for obtaining the left part of a string and “GETDATE” is the function used for getting the current date and time). Before SQL 2000, Stored Procedures were often used in place of these functions. SysTools SQL Recovery software v4.7 has now been updated for SQL function recovery as well. Regarding this feature enhancement (to recover functions from SQL database), Evan Swans (Director of Product Development, SysTools Group) says, “We want to make SysTools SQL Recovery software a comprehensive and complete solution for our users so that they can recover all database contents including SQL functions. The latest version of this software would still have all the previously present features along with this added feature to recover SQL functions. SysTools SQL Recovery software is currently available at $129 (Personal License).

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