– The Law Newswire – As Virgina Tech students returned to … – The Law Newswire – As Virgina Tech students returned to their campus Dr. William Massello, the assistant state medical examiner in Roanoke, said gunman Seung-Hui Cho died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head after firing enough shots to wound his 32 victims more than 100 times.

The medical examiner said there was nothing unusual about Cho’s autopsy, he said, and nothing that indicated any psychological problems that might explain his reason for the killings.

Meanwhile, Virginia Tech’s Student Government Association issued a statement Sunday asking the news media to respect the privacy of students and leave by the time classes resume Monday.

“Our students are ready to start moving forward, and the best we can do that is to get the campus back to normal,” Liz Hart, director of public relations for the SGA, said in an interview. Students don’t want “anything external remind to us it will be a difficult road. We know that.”

Virginia Tech officials say victims’ families are their top priority. They have been given a private e-mail address and direct phone number for President Charles Steger.

The campus is covered with memorials and tributes to the students, including flowers, writings and candles. There are constant reminders of counseling options, and state police will provide security at least through Monday.

Virgina Tech shooting gunman Cho was technically prohibited from purchasing firearms after a Virginia court found Cho to be an “imminent danger to himself” in December 2005 and issued an order for Cho to receive psychiatric treatment, the New York Times reported Friday.

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