LAWFUEL – Duane Dog Chapman Lawsuit News – Duane “Dog” Chapman, TV’s …

LAWFUEL – Duane Dog Chapman Lawsuit News – Duane “Dog” Chapman, TV’s ‘Bounty Hunter’ reality show star, issued a statement as a defendant listed in a complaint file in circuit court on January 23.

The civil suit lists 13 counts against Chapman, his wife, Beth, various members of his team along with ABC-TV, NBC-TV and the A&E network which broadcast his show, “Dog: The Bounty Hunter.”

The case centers on the arrest of Stuart Calistro on January 26, 2005 in Pearl City. Calistro was out on $25,000 bond. Chapman contends Calistro’s mother, who co-signed the bond, informed him she wants to revoke the bond because she feared her son was about to flee. The entire arrest was filmed by television crews for Chapman’s show. Chapman and his team descended on the apartment complex where Calistro was staying with his then-girlfriend, Audrey Emery. Emery is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit.

In response, Duane and Beth Chapman issued a written statement:

“Our family has become the target of frivolous lawsuits and publicity-seeking attorneys. We pride ourselves in making sure that everything we do is within the bounds of the law and we are confident that we did so in this case. The videotape in the television show itself demonstrates that the charges against us are baseless. The fugitive’s mother, who was the co-signer of the bond, specifically asked us to revoke her son’s bond and we complied with her wishes. We treat our clients with compassion. In this particular case, as the program itself shows, we took Mr. Calistro to the hospital where he was found to have no new (Calistro had suffered two broken ankles in a prior construction accident) injuries.”

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