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WL, a reputed search engine optimization company, has just launched five link building service plans. These plans are named as Link Building Basic, Link Building Standard, Link Building Deluxe, SEO Starter, and SEO Premium. These plans have been priced between $89 and $1378. There is a lot of flexibility in these plans. A business could choose any of them, depending on its web marketing needs. The company is saying that there is a plan to suit every business, no matter what its size and web presence.

The services offered under link building includes directory submissions, social bookmarking, article writing & submission, PR writing & submission, creation of squidoo/hub pages, and link building submissions. For every order placed, WL Marketing submits detailed reports about the websites where the submission job was done. The customer can know about the progress any time he wants. WLM is known for exemplary customer service and quick response.

With every passing day, it is becoming even more obvious that a link building service is really essential for web success. Think of it this way. If you have a shop in the mall, you will naturally want to attract as many visitors as you can. Sure enough, not everyone will buy. But your chances of a sale improve with more people visiting your shop. And so, you will do some promotions to bring in more people.

It is the same on the Internet. If you have a website, you will need traffic to have any chance of success. A link building service is invaluable here for two reasons. First, if your website has a high number of incoming links, you have a better chance of achieving good search engine ranks, and the better your ranks are, the more web traffic you will receive. This is precisely why link building service is such an intrinsic part of search engine optimization. Every reputed company that offers SEO services would provide link building. Second, if you can present your link to more people, chances are, some of them would click on these links, and visit your store. This of course, increases your chance of converting at least a few of these visitors into customers.

Link building service is not as simple as it appears. It will work only if the website receives links from high PR websites, and only if the link is one-way. In other words, reciprocal linking is best avoided. WLM is aware of the best methodologies of getting one-way high PR links, and is thus able to provide good results to their clients.

About WL WLM is an Internet marketing company that offers high-end SEO services to their clients at affordable prices. There are a number of flexible plans a customer can select from. A tracking system allows a system to check the progress. WLM is known for great customer service and quick turnaround time. Please visit to know more about the company and link building service.


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