Lipoaspiracao To Safely Get Rid Of Unwanted Fat

Centre for Advanced Liposuction is the safest place to get rid of that extra, ugly fat on your body through lipoaspiracao. The surgeons are professionals who guarantee to remove 50 percent of excess fat using lipo. The patient will feel extremely comfortable, safe, and will have his peace of mind even during the procedure. The surgeons also guarantee that the cell of fat which has been removed by liposuction would not grow again. In fact, there will be less fat in the area where the procedure has been performed.

The surgeons can tell you that the areas which usually have extra fat are the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. There can also be extra fat present in the neck, back, arms, or anywhere else. Although maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important and diet and genetics play an important part in doing so, age and genetics are also important factors that decide the shape of the body. Lipoaspiracao will help you get the body you have always desired to have. This treatment is for everybody – for extremely lean bodies who only want a little fat removed and for the heavier ones who want to remove a large chunk of extra fat.

Unwanted fat certainly affects you self-esteem. Liposuction can boost your confidence and motivate you to lead a healthier lifestyle. You can get rid of that fat with only local anesthesia and you would not feel any pain. Here latest technology is combined with safety and comfort to give you the best experience. The clinic also fulfills the requirements of Brazilian ANVISA and CFM. The surgeons here are confident that they can remove the gordura localizada in one sitting. They are sure to deliver satisfactory results.

The clinic makes every effort to make the patients comfortable and secure. The bed where the patients lie in the operating room is large, cozy, and comfortable. The patients can relax by listening to their favorite music or distract themselves by watching a program on TV. The anesthetist who is always present at the time of lipoaspiracao can give the patients mild sedation if they desire.

Liposuction done at the Center for Advanced Liposuction is different from mini-lipo, tumescent liposuction, HLPA, or hidrolipo done at other centers. The main difference is that the liposuction performed here is completed in one session, whereas the other forms of liposuction mentioned above take many sessions to remove fat. They may even be risky for your health. The specialty of the Center for Advanced Liposuction is that they use local anesthesia to pull out the fat in one sitting. Another highlight of this clinic is that the liposuction preformed here is permanent.

Lipoaspiracao performed at this clinic will ensure that the fat will never come back to you. In fact, less fat cell will now grow in the treated area. The patients will get great results after they get treated in its safe and comfortable environment.


Centro Avancado Lipoaspiracao
Address: Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro,
Rua Siqueira Campos,
43, Gr.706, Brazil
Phone Number: (21) 2256-1152

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