SAN DIEGO, Calif. (July 11, 2011) – Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP announced today that its managing partner, Kurt L. Kicklighter, was named a new member of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation’s (EDC) board of directors. EDC’s mission is to strengthen San Diego’s diverse economy to compete in the global marketplace, and to position the region as the world’s premier business location.

Kicklighter replaces Luce Forward’s former managing partner Robert J. Bell on EDC’s board and will continue to help promote the organization’s efforts to generate healthy job growth in San Diego. Prior to joining EDC’s board, Kicklighter’s relevant experience in regional business development includes work with The Security Network which promotes rapid commercialization of dual usage security technologies and development of effective regional security.

“So much of what we do at Luce Forward involves adding value and growth to the region’s business community,” says Kicklighter. “As a leader of this business community, the Firm owes a duty of good stewardship with its managing partner continuously serving as an active EDC board member. Our goal is to assist EDC in making San Diego a thriving center of technology and entrepreneurship.”

EDC’s job-growth strategy leverages the region’s highly skilled workforce, innovation economy, leadership in cutting-edge industries, and outstanding quality of life. Its business development program focuses on corporate expansion through outreach to executives in high-wage, high-growth, technology-driven industries. Through targeted attraction campaigns and a network of partners, it promotes regional assets to attract corporate investment from innovation industries.

Kicklighter is also on the board of directors of Make a Wish Foundation of San Diego, is a former member and past executive committee member of the San Diego Business Forum, and a former member of the Old Mission Rotary. He has been managing partner at Luce Forward since January 2009.

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