SAN FRANCISCO (January 27, 2010) – – Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP, a prominent California law firm with a national reputation, today announced that Tim Tosta, a Partner in the firm’s real estate transactional practice group, was named a new member of the Felidae Conservation Fund’s board of directors. The Bay Area non-profit aims to advance the conservation of wild cats and their habitats through a combination of groundbreaking research, compelling education and cutting-edge technology.

Tosta, a partner in Luce Forward’s San Francisco office, is one of California’s leading land use and environmental lawyers. He focuses his practice on securing entitlements for some of the State’s largest and most controversial land use developments.

“I believe that as lawyers, we have a responsibility to be conscious of the world around us and to do all we can to make a difference,” said Tosta. “Felidae preserves habitats, protects wild cats and promotes coexistence. Participating on the board is an incredible opportunity for me to support its worthwhile mission and be actively engaged with the environment.”

In addition to practicing law, Tosta is a certified Integral Coach, working with lawyers and business professionals to build sustainable careers as well as lead balanced, fulfilling lives, and serves as a hospice volunteer at San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital. Tosta is also the author of the highly acclaimed lecture series, “Lessons for the Living,” the emotionally compelling hospice writings, ‘Putting Things in Perspective – Stories from a Hospice Volunteer,’ and a soon-to-be-published book focusing on the significance positive perspectives of death.

About Luce Forward
Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP is a full-service California law firm with a national reputation in more than 30 different areas of law. Since its founding in San Diego in 1873, Luce Forward has grown to become home to approximately 200 attorneys in six offices statewide including San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angles, Carmel Valley/Del Mar, Orange County and Rancho Santa Fe. For more information, visit

About Felidae Conservation Fund
Felidae collaborates on strategic research studies that clearly define a process to understand human impact on wild cats and wild places. The goal is to prevent further extinction of felidae species, and to preserve complete ecosystems around the world. Its contributions build new outlooks toward wild cats and the preservation of global ‘wildness’. The organization is committed to spawning compelling educational messages through stories, visual media and outreach campaigns that pilot a healthy coexistence of humans and felidae species around the world.
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