Man Sentenced For Wearing Unearned Purple Hearts & Other Medals

LawFuel – MICHAEL J. GARCIA, the United States Attorney for the
Southern District of New York, announced that LOUIS LOWELL
McGUINN, a/k/a “Lowell Craig McGuinn,” was sentenced today to one
year of probation and one hundred hours of community service,
after pleading guilty on December 12, 2007 to wearing service
medals and badges — including the distinguished service cross,
silver star, and multiple purple hearts — that he did not earn
or have authorization to wear. The sentence was imposed by
United States Magistrate Judge KEVIN NATHANIEL FOX. According to
the Complaint filed in Manhattan federal court and statements
made during McGUINN’s guilty plea proceeding:

McGUINN, who was discharged from the Army in 1968 as a
private, falsely held himself out as a Lieutenant Colonel. As
part of his ruse, MCGUINN wore a uniform with numerous
unauthorized medals and badges, including a Distinguished Service
Cross, a Silver Star, and three Purple Hearts, among others, in
violation of the law. McGUINN was observed wearing the medals at
social functions, including an event at the United States
Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, Long Island, where the
Executive Director of the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines & Airmen
Club noticed that McGUINN wore decorations on his uniform in the
incorrect manner. McGUINN was also photographed wearing the
medals to a social event at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan.
In imposing the sentence, Judge FOX stated that he took
account of the “likely damage the defendant caused to the
prestige” of individuals that had legitimately earned the medals,
and specifically imposed community service to try to “redress
damage to the community because of the defendant’s misconduct.”

Mr. GARCIA praised the investigative work of the
Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of the Army
Criminal Investigation Division.

Assistant United States Attorney MICHAEL M. ROSENSAFT
is in charge of the prosecution.
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