Monta Ellis Sexting Lawsuit Used “Secret” Cellphone, Court Documents Allege – The issue of “sexting” has received prominence with the lawsuit against Monta Ellis for sexual harassment. The lawsuit comes from a former Golden State Warriors’ employee.

The complainant, Erika Ross Smith alleges that Monta Ellis sexually harassed her from November 2010 to January 2011 by way of text messages and pictures from a “secret” cell phone, according to documents filed by her attorney Burton F Boltuch in the Alameda County Court in Oakland.

The court documents allege that Ellis informed Smith that the phone was being taken care of by the team’s equipment manager and that the bills were being sent in his grandmother’s name.

The texts included a graphic image that Boltuch called “disgusting” and several phrases, such as “Hey sexy” and “I want to be with you.”

From Nov. 17, 2010 to Dec. 16. 2010 Ellis allegedly sent at least 61 test messages to Smith, according to court records.

Boltuch said his client rejected Ellis’ advances and eventually Smith’s job description was changed by the Warriors after Ellis complained about Smith’s performance to the team.

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