MySQL to Excel converter

MySQL to Excel Converter
MySQL database to MS Excel conversion tool provides an efficient way to convert MySQL database to MS Excel spreadsheet without any modification in records of database.
Wednesday, January 27, 2010;
Are you having trouble while converting MySQL database server into MS Excel Spreadsheets? Having fear of database programming knowledge, don’t worry! Now releases an updated version of MySQL database to MS Excel conversion tool that provides facility to convert entire or selected MySQL database records into Microsoft Excel (xls) worksheets format accurately without altering source data base files.
Database file converter program easily supports key constraints, data types, attributes, tables (including rows and columns) etc while converting MySQL database records. No scripting, complex database coding or any table designing is required to convert the database records. SQL to XLS Conversion utility have streamlined graphical interface that helps in understanding of the software and facilitates business organizations or IT professionals to generate database in MS Excel worksheets. MySQL to MS Excel conversion tool is compatible with all versions of My SQL database server and MS Excel.
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Professional MySQL to MS Excel db conversion utility can be widely used by IT professionals or in schools, colleges and business organizations for quickly creating simple Excel database sheets. is a product related website and leading provider of easy to use and cost effective database conversion applications and services for any type of db conversions. MySQL to Excel migrator supports all major versions of MySQL and MS Excel and can be easily install on any laptop or desktop computer (any system configuration) having Microsoft windows operating system including XP, Vista.
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