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NEW YORK–LAWFUEL – Litigation News, Law Jobs –The United States District Court for the Southern district of Florida (the “Court”) has ordered that notice be given of the proposed settlement, motion for attorneys fees and settlement fairness hearing in the class action entitled In re VoiceFlash Networks, Inc. Securities Litigation, 03-80099-Civ-Marra/Seltzer, to all persons who purchased shares of the common stock of VoiceFlash Networks, Inc. (“VoiceFlash”) during the period from March 15, 2002 to January 24, 2003, both dates inclusive, (the “Settlement Class,” the “Class Period”). Excluded from the Settlement Class are Defendants, members of the immediate family of the Individual Defendant, any entity in which any Defendant has or had a controlling interest, and the legal representatives, heirs, successors, or assigns of any Defendant.

A hearing has been scheduled before this Court on March 29, 2007 for the purpose of determining: (1) whether the Class should be finally certified as satisfying the applicable prerequisites for class action treatment under Fed. R. Civ. P. 23(a) and (b); (2) whether the proposed settlement of the above Action for the principal amount of $600,000, plus accrued interest should be approved by the Court as fair, reasonable and adequate; (3) whether a Final Judgment approving the Settlement and dismissing this litigation on the merits and with prejudice should be entered; and (4) whether an application of Class counsel for the payment of Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses are reasonable and should be approved.

If you purchased shares of the common stock of VoiceFlash during the period from March 15, 2002 to January 24, 2003 (both dates inclusive), your rights may be affected by this litigation and the settlement thereof. If you are a member of the Settlement Class and did not receive the Notice of Pendency, Proposed Settlement, Conditional Class Certification, Motion for Attorneys’ Fees and Fairness Hearing (the “Notice”) and the Proof of Claim and Release (the “Proof of Claim”), please request copies by contacting the Claims Administrator at: VoiceFlash Securities Litigation, c/o Berdon Claims Administration LLC, P.O. Box 9014, Jericho, NY 11753-8914, Telephone: (516) 766-3330, Fax: (516) 931-0810, Website:

The Notice and Proof of Claim contain important information about the litigation, including the steps you must now take to share in a Settlement if it is approved. Requests for exclusion from the settlement must be postmarked no later than March 15, 2007, pursuant to the instructions in the mailed Notice. Proofs of Claim must be postmarked on or before April 30, 2007. You may be heard personally or through an attorney at the hearing if you file, by March 9, 2007, with the Court and counsel, papers requesting to do so and setting forth your views.

Please do not contact the Court for information.

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