The NZ Dating Seminar You Need to Attend: ‘How To Make Yourself Irresistible’

new zealand dating siteDating sites and dating advice is everywhere these days, but in terms of finding out exactly how to achieve success in the dating world, a seminar this weekend in Wellington will provide some key answers.

The seminar, ‘How to Make Yourself Irresistible’ features leading image consultant Suzanne Fahey, communications consultant Carina Hull and leading New Zealand matchmaker, Rosie Bowie of Matchcompany.

The seminar is also with a singles event for those who attend at the Portofino Restaurant, Queens Wharf Wellington on Sunday, 5 November.

Tickets are available to both or either event from Matchcompany – contact [email protected] or call on 021 476454.

“This seminar will provide some key tips for anyone serious about developing a successful longterm relationship,” said Matchcompany director Rosie Bowie.

“And for those who are unable to make the seminar we hope they can still make the singles drinks event where our speakers will be in attendance, along with other singles. The events are always informative, fun and a terrific opportunity to meet new people.”

Dating & Image

The NZ Dating Seminar You Need to Attend: 'How To Make Yourself Irresistible' 3Making the most of your image is one of the keys in developing a successful relationship and Suzanne Fahey  fashion and image consultant who has 15 years national and international experience in consulting to clients, male and female.

The ability to make the best of yourself is so vital if some of the key tips Suzanne Fahey will impart at the seminar are heeded.

Similarly, good communication is one of the keys to success and seminar speaker Carina Hull also has international experience with CEOs and corporate personnel in helping them communicate easily, fluently and successfully.

“These combined skills, along with some other dating advice that will utterly transform singles’ and their chances to accomplish a good relationship.  There are some simple tips that literally anyone can employ to make themselves better, more attractive and more successful in their relationships,” says Rosie Bowie.

Contact for tickets to the seminar and/or the following drinks party for singles.

The event is at Portofino Restaurant, Queens Wharf, Wellington – 5 November, 3-5pm and drinks from 5-7pm.

Matchcompany- The NZ Dating Agency providing personalised advice to New Zealand singles since 1995.


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