Office Furniture/Supplier Adds Twist to Earning Rewards

In recent years, the concept of reward credits has become almost commonplace in business. While the concept of these points may not exactly be new, Haskell New York Inc. provides a twist on the traditional model that makes earning them fun.

With the addition of the Reward Credit Games, registered users on Haskell’s e-commerce site, can earn additional credits that can be applied to future ordering. The site has four games available to its members. These include the Shell Game, the Pick Number Game, the Door Game and the Slot Machine Game. Each of these is designed for fast playing for quick bonus points. Only one play per user/game is permitted per day.

The Shell Game displays 12 shells. Click a shell to see if it contains a pearl inside. Winners earn 100 points. Losers see a cute picture of a fish wearing glasses and a message telling them to go fish tomorrow. Likewise, the Pick Number game is also easy to play. Simply type a number from 1 to 10 and click Play to earn a chance to gain 100 additional credits.

In the Door Game, the object is to choose a door until there are no doors left. Guess all the correct doors and win 100 points. Even with this game, it only takes a few seconds to actually try your luck.

In the Slot Machine Game:

3 lemons wins 250 points
3 strawberries, apples or grapes wins 350 points
3 oranges wins 500 points

Needless to say, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out either. The concept behind these games is dual-fold. First, it gives users a reason to come back each day; to earn credits that can be applied to higher valued reward items that accumulate on each purchase. Second, it differentiates Haskell from the competition making its shopping cart more entertaining and engaging.

Naturally, this unorthodox approach to doing business has its devoted followers. Some users can’t even begin a day without playing the games.

Savvy clients have also figured out that they can earn double rewards by using their credit cards to make purchases. Between the reward credits Haskell gives and the additional rewards credit card companies offer, the incentives for ordering are greater and the site becomes a place not only for doing business but also for unwinding and having fun.

With ever increasing competition in business, innovative ways to keep consumers engaged and coming back are always a plus. Haskell may not have invented either the concept of reward credits or computer games, but the marriage of these two provides the company a unique edge and place of distinction among the competition.

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