PayPal Phone Survey Shows Threat to “Conventional” Retailers as Online Shopping Grows

6 June 2011 – Mobile phone technology is reshaping the way people shop according to a PayPal survey, which shows a major jump in online shopping in Australia.

It reveals that 68 per cent of consumers planned to use mobile devices for transactions and payments in the future. The report, launched by PayPal in partnership with the Australian Retailers Association, shows the mobile commerce market in Australia hit $155 million in total payments last year. That will have to grow, if only because of the penetration of smartphones into the market.

In July last year, web retailer Amazon reported annual global revenues from all mobile devices, including Amazon’s own Kindle reader, of $1 billion, while EBay says it expects its 2010 mobile commerce revenue to be between $1.5 billion and $2 billion. It claims that one item is sold via eBay Mobile every two seconds. The Paypal survey is verifies a trend that has been gathering steam for some time on a worldwide basis, say experts.

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