Play Mmorpg With Age Of Conan Account

Age of conan account was created by the American author Robert Howard, and co-published by Funcom and Eidos, both of whom have titles Tomb Raider, Hitman series and Anarchy Online to their credit. These three individuals have tremendous experience in the MMO industry and have endeavored to create a game which visits the region of Hyboria and narrates the trials and tribulations of the barbarian conan, right from the time, he was a petty thief to the time when he became King Conan. In this span of 70 years he has met friends and fought foes and also fought other guilds to control the resources of the universe.

There have been books, comics, and movies not to mention compact discs, the popularity of which have prompted the creators of this game to go online and create an MMORPG. For subscription to its online version, you need to pay $15 or Euro 15 which is a monthly subscription fee. The game is available for free trial online for a period of 30 days when you purchase the retail box. One of the main aims of this game is to take the MMORPG to a completely different direction, besides creating a representation of the sexy, savage and brutal conan universe. Funcom has focused on taking the best from the past and current MMO games while creating innovative and fun new systems. Playing age of conan should feel fresh, new and exciting. One of the key features of Age of Conan is the unique combat systems, which is a huge leap forward from both a technological and gameplay standpoint. In most MMOs fighting involves targeting by clicking something, clicking auto attack, then occasionally clicking a special attack, but fighting in Age of Conan centers around meeting we call the Real Combat System.

In the innovative approach to MMORPG gaming, this game, instead of picking your target and focusing your attention on that target itself, you move up from your foe and start swinging your weapon in different directions in real-time, using directions keys or even a gamepad. In this system, you can unleash devastating combos and even brutal finishing moves, Fighting feels dynamic, exciting and most importantly, hands-on and real. In ranged combat, you can actually string your bow and aim manually from a first person or over the shoulder viewpoint, to strike your enemies, a first for any MMO. Spellcasters can combine a series of spells in what we call spellweaves, like combos or melee fighters, which unleash devastating results and fatalities. As if this is not enough, wow sell account also features mounted combat, where players can battle from the backs of everything from horses to mighty mammoths. Age of conan account is also one of the first MMOs to feature a mature rating, giving us the freedom to create truly brutal battles, providing both a visceral and satisfying gaming experience while staying completely true to the conan lore and story.

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