Portable, High Performance Fiber Optic Identifier

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments (www.GAOInstruments.com) has released its fiber optic identifier which efficiently and accurately identifies the traffic direction and frequency tone of an optical fiber and displays results through an illuminated LED. It detects signal frequency tones of 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz. The identifier is an essential tool for the installation and maintenance of telecommunication and CATV systems and is suitable for use in test labs and other fiber optic applications.
This portable optical fiber identifier, model A0640002, does not require opening a fiber at a splice point for identification and thus avoids interrupting service. It features low bending loss and efficient output, provides an easy-to-replace adaptor and displays three levels of signal intensity. The compact instrument identifies optical signals at wavelengths from 900 to 1650nm.
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About GAO Instruments
GAO Instruments (www.GAOInstruments.com) is a global leader in research, development and manufacturing of high performance telecommunication testers, electronic measurement instruments and other test and measurement devices.

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