Precious Ornamental Stones

The Jade is the one of the precious ornamental stones in the world. It is very precious and rare among all the contemporary stones of the decade. The jewelry made up of this stones is called as jade jewelry.
Jade is used in making different ornaments which includes bangles, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. Bangles are available in different colors and size, solid green jade bangle is the most widely used among all the bangles of the jade. These are highly polished and semi transparent bangles available with different diameters. These bangles enhance the beauty of the wrist and draw the attention of the people effectively! Jades are also used in making of rings. Rings are embedded with these stones to improve their look and attract the customer. Diamond ring jade is the ring made up of diamond embedded with the jade stones and available with variant designs.
Pendants are the objects normally attached at the end of a necklace, chain or an ear ring. Pendants are made up of different metals and stones which include imperial stone. Imperial jade are intense green colored stones with a great history in china used in making ring, bracelets and pendants etc. “Jade pendants are also available with the zodiac signs of a country and jade pendant of Chinese zodiac is one among them”. These pendants are economical and abundantly available at all major jewelry outlets located in the metropolitan cities of a country across the globe!
Bracelets are another type of ornaments included in the jade jewelry, among them green jade bracelet is the most used ornament by customer. These bracelets are embedded with the jade stones to enhance the look and bring additional qualities to the person wearing it.

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