Is Drawing Line On Smoking: 100 Feet Away! Staff Health to Improve is getting serious about smoking. No one will smoke within 100 feet of our offices. We hope that this is so irritating that employees will quit! Tough love for our staff, indeed, but their health and productivity are at stake. Our customers’ needs for writers and support staff operating at the peak of their performance take precedence over convenience. takes many steps to enhance our staff’s intellectual development, and keep the job interesting. However, if our valued employees are killing themselves slowly with tobacco, we have an interest in that as well. We were inspired by the bold move of some colleges in banning smoking. City College of New York has prohibited it not only in dorms and classrooms, but also on campus.

That extra few steps might just motivate some of our staff to give up on the nasty habit. We would see that as a definite win! We have tried, and will continue to try, other approaches such as offering financial rewards for successful smoking cessation, and supporting medical approaches to quitting. This, however, is low-tech, and lowbrow, and, we hope, effective.

If you want to know what other health preserving policies has implemented, browse on over to You will find a full list of our services, our prices, and frequently asked questions about academic writing there as well.

About Us:

This firm has committed to the mental, intellectual, and physical health of our writers and support staff. These experts, professionals all, are the engine that generates our business success. They provide academic writing support in all topic areas, to customers from all over the world.

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