Press Release Creator

Date/time, city, state; Consumers who have been looking for( Product or a Product with a particular benefit) can now have access to it at (Business Name) now offers (Product) at this website, talk about (product) here and list how having it available on this website is such a benefit to consumers. Tell a little story about the (product) to make it more of a news story than advertising plug-how was the (product) created? Why was the (product) created? Who created the (product)? What is different about the (product)? How was it created?- This is a different question that can be left out depending on the (product) etc-If included, can be about how inventor or product came up with it as an answer to a particular issue they felt needed addressing. “Place quote here about the product and how having it available via this website is beneficial and why business did it, quote should be by Business owner or product inventor or other key person of importance” Information Product is available at their website: Product can be purchased for $ through the website and put info about any special offers

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