Production Planning and Control

Eresource ERP Production-Planning-Control Module provides capabilities for planning, execution, quality and plant maintenance.

Production Plan in eresource ERP is determined based on Resource Planning, Sales and Operation Planning and Demand of the Product. Having determined the information, eresource ERP generates Master Production Schedule. Following are few screenshots from eresource ERP, which helps identify the resources for MPS. Brief flow chart of eresource ERP, Production Planning and Control algorithm is also given below for your ready reference.

The framework of Production Planning and Control in eresource is general, and all the three phases must be performed. It support the strategy and tactics pursued by the firm in which they are implemented.

Please Note: In eresource ERP, different manufacturing process, resource required for each manufacturing processes, Machines for different product and processes can all be CONFIGURED with ease. Simply put, eresource offers you the flexibility to adapt business dynamics and it is range compatible.

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