PST Merge Software for Merging Archive Files Awarded for Quality

Gothenburg, Sweden, August 22, 2011- Success gives happiness and recognition gives double happiness, this is exactly what the PST Merge software team is now enjoying, the news is that the tool widely used for merging archive files in Outlook, got the recognition and has been rewarded for quality of process it exhibits. In the in-house ceremony, that is scheduled to be held once in every 6 months, the announcement of the award was done by the Chairman of the company, and was welcomed by a huge applause and cheers from the team side.
About this Evan Swans, statement can be quoted as, “After the analysis of sales data and many other reports that carry the reference of the performance of tools in the last 6 months this time the luck team that got the recognition and who can proudly hold this award for quality is PST Merge. The tool is one paradigm of excellence and simplicity, which will be the user search and need in any tool. This is the main reason for why we selected PST Merge for this award. Cognates Team, Keep the good work up”
Lab Director, Allegan was quoted as saying, “First of all Congratulations to PST Merge team, you done it! Now talking about the serious matter, the increased demand from user side for software helpful in data recovery and email migration, shows the need to be more cautious and vigilant while any particular product is developed with aim to help users. PST Merge software has been recognized as one reliable product by the user, because of many reasons and one point to be remarked is that it supports the edition of Outlook and Windows alike.”
As the tool is supportive for editions of Outlook, user will feel easy while working with the tool in order to get merging archive files Outlook, merging archive files Outlook 2003, merging archive files Outlook 2007, and merging archive files Outlook 2010 done safely. The award for quality given for the tool is one parameter by which the tool caliber can be measured.

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