Recent Pro Bono Work Done By Team For Tool To Merge Contacts From Two Outlooks

Gothenburg, Sweden, April 11, 2012: – The Company has published the following release in order to circulate the recent news regarding the reward achieved by the PST Merge software application for the pro bono work it did in favor of a centre that works for the upliftment of needy people (orphans, special gifted people, people in need of medical treatment, upliftment of women, etc). The heads of the prominent departments in the company are quite proud of the charity work done by the team because, most of the organizations party and celebrate the achievement of the completion of targeted sales but instead of investing money on party the PST Merge software handling team decided to give the money acquired via the sales achievement done by providing a highly effective merge contacts from two Outlooks procedure into charity for the centre made for the upliftment of the impoverished people of the society.
The centre works for the upliftment of women by extending vocational educations to the women who left studies due financial crisis or other domestic problems in childhood and also provides them with special skills that can help them make a sound and ranging career for themselves on their own. Meanwhile, the charity received by the centre is used in providing medical aid to the people who are suffering from deadly disease or severe injuries due to accidents but are not financially sound enough to get appropriate treatment.
Evan Swans, Director of Product Development was cited as proudly saying: “PST Merge software team has not only touched the hearts of the people whom they have helped by providing them with charity but also touched the hearts of the members of the organization. The PST Merge software application had achieved the targeted annual sales by providing one of the finest procedures to merge contacts from two Outlook accounts with the help of which the team did the charity. Doing this kind of pro bono work is a good human activity and also helps in motivating and letting others know about the charity and about such necessitous souls who are also share a part of the society we live in.”

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