Republican Rick Perry’s Voter Victory

27 May 2011 – A new law signed by Gov. Rick Perry requires Texans to show photo ID prior to voting, follwong an emergency legislative session and a signficant victory for Republicans in what has been a partisan fight.

The new law was surrounded by many conservative lawmakers who were fighting for such a requirement for years and is a requirement Republicans say will combat voter fraud and make elections fairer.

“This is what democracy really is all about,” Perry said. “It’s the integrity of every vote; that every vote counts. Today we take a major step in protecting the most cherished right of Americans.”

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said history shows that voter turnout increases when there is a photo ID requirement at a poll because citizens feel like their right to vote has been protected.

The law would require voters to present a valid state or federal photo ID. A driver’s license, personal ID card, military ID, passport or concealed handgun permit is acceptable.

The voters who are most likely to require new IDs are mostly those who have religious objections to having their picture taken or have lost their IDs in a natural disaster

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