Assists Its 50,000th Customer was initially formed as a company intended for freelance writers, not customers. Being adjusted to writers’ needs and designed to provide protection of writers’ interests, sometimes tends to forget to mention customers in its press releases, despite the fact that the very existence of the company would be impossible without them. This time, the company administration has decided to redress this mistake and congratulate all the workers and interested people concerning the 50,000th customer whose order was successfully completed last week.

“Honestly speaking, this number somewhat shocks me,” the CEO of said as he shared his feelings. “Yep, I knew that we’d answered the needs of thousands of clients, I do track our own statistics. But it’s has a strange psychological effect when you stop and realize the meaning of this number… 50,000! Can you imagine that?”

Despite the fact that no major celebrations were held in the office of the company, the overall mood of last week was really elevated. The news quickly escaped the walls of the quality assurance department and spread throughout the office. “You feel yourself really needed,” says one of the full-time writers. “It’s a real pleasure to understand that you made someone happy and improved their life for the future.”

Additional information about offers and services provided by is available at website and through the online writers’ support.

About is a writing company whose mission is to protect freelance writers from customers’ dishonesty and provide guaranteed and proper compensation according to the level of contributions a writer has made. Employing several hundreds of custom writers all over the world, has operated through the Internet for several years.

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