Retrieve XLS Data effectively with updated version 2.5 of Excel Recovery software

Gothenburg, Sweden, March 23, 2011– SysTools informs the users about the updated version of Excel Recovery software. The updated version 2.5 performs XLS file retrieval process effectively now, as it can retrieve XLS format with exact information after any kind of damage like the original format before damage. The 2.5 version of Excel Recovery solution performs recovery for excel data completely including texts, charts, merged cells, subtotals, border styles, outlines, page formatting, width, height and many more. The 2.5 version can accurately Retrieve XLS Data which got corrupted by Virus and Trojans or any other issue.
Evan Swans (Director of SysTools Software Group) says,” We always put excellent efforts in the advancement of our products” so, we provide updated versions of the utility programs to the users by researching the market needs. The updated version 2.5 is one of the utility programs for exact recovery of Excel database.
Users can comfortably recover the complete information of Excel database like the original excel sheet with version 2.5 from all types of corruption and damage situations. Version 2.5 can resolve all the errors related to corruption and damage or other errors. The updated version 2.5 supports all the versions of Excel and Windows.

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