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SAN DIEGO– LAWFUEL – The Legal Newswire –Nu Flow filed suit alleging patent invalidity against ACE Duraflo last Friday. The Complaint was filed in the Central District of California, U.S. District Court, as case number SACV07-0703. The filing will lead to the protection of the rights of pipe lining companies in the industry and preserve fair competition.

Under US Patent 7,160,574, issued January 9, 2007, ACE claims invention of the small diameter epoxy pipe lining process, and previously has claimed infringement by Nu Flow and other lining companies. The suit alleges ACE Duraflo knowingly patented a process which has been in use by other lining companies around the world for decades longer than ACE has been in existence. American Pipe Lining, a technology partner of Nu Flow, brought the process from Japan in the 1980s and has used this standard application process in North America for almost twenty years – twelve years before ACE entered the pipe lining industry. The lawsuit seeks merely to enforce the law that industry rivals may not falsely claim ownership of common technology.

“ACE’s attempts to eliminate competition through invalid claims have left us with no alternative if we wish to continue to be a leading and responsible member of our industry,” said Nu Flow president, Cameron Manners. “Allowing a newcomer like ACE to improperly control the market where more established companies have made enormous contributions to our industry would jeopardize not only the industry, but the advancement of the technology as well.”

About Nu Flow America

With corporate offices in San Diego, Seattle, Sarasota and Toronto, the Nu Flow companies have combined experience of over 100 years in the industry – almost twice that of any other lining company. Nu Flow companies have successfully completed pipe restoration work for customers in North America and around the world in applications ranging from domestic water piping, HVAC and drain systems, to underground utilities and lead service piping. Nu Flow is actively engaged in finding a solution to the imminent global crisis of a rapidly deteriorating water infrastructure. Our vision of full, non-invasive restoration and filtration inside infrastructure illustrates Nu Flow’s efforts to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions, with the ultimate goal of inserting cutting-edge technology in every marketplace within the next decade.

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