SAN FRANCISCO–LAWFUEL – Class Action Lawsuit News –On January 31…

SAN FRANCISCO–LAWFUEL – Class Action Lawsuit News –On January 31, 2007, the Santa Clara Superior Court certified a consumer lawsuit to proceed as a class action against Hewlett-Packard Company. The lawsuit involves certain HP Pavilion models of notebook computers that Plaintiff I Braun Degenshein alleges contain defective inverters. An inverter is the component that regulates voltage to light the display screen. When an inverter fails, the screen becomes extremely dim or flickers, rendering the computer useless. An inverter costs less than $20, but HP quoted consumers $650 to fix the problem, which Plaintiff Degenshein claims HP knew about before it sold the computers.

The Court authorized Plaintiff Degenshein, who is represented by Green Welling LLP of San Francisco, California, and Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff LLP of Sacramento, California, to proceed with claims under California’s unfair business practices act and for breach of the written warranty that accompanied the computers on behalf of all consumers who purchased the computers in California.

“HP’s own policy is to fix known defects like this at no charge. It is really surprising that HP refused to fix Mr. Degenshein’s computer and collected money from other consumers to fix the known defect,” said Jenelle Welling of Green Welling LLP. “But, then again, this occurred during a time period where HP seems to have made other unfortunate decisions,” she said, apparently referencing the board room spying scandal and HP’s alleged espionage against rival Dell Inc. “It has been a hard fought battle, but we are pleased to finally move forward toward trial to get consumers the relief they deserve,” she said.

Questions about the lawsuit can be directed to Jenelle Welling.

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