See a Little More Clearly with Night Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles have been around for a long time. In fact, it has been used by soldiers and law enforcers when they are out at night, doing their jobs. Today, you too can enjoy the same benefits from these devices. You have plenty of options for your night vision goggles.

But Wait

Before we go into details about night vision goggles, let us try to differentiate them first from night vision binoculars. It seems like both have already been used interchangeably or that the differences have become so unclear. As a potential user, though, it is important that you know what these differences are, so you do not end up getting binoculars when you want night vision goggles and vice versa.

Both of them differ in their viewing lenses. Binoculars have two of them, which add more depth perception. This means that when you look at an object, you actually have two views of it; however, both will be joined into one. Binoculars, moreover, also have two image tubes for night vision capabilities. Of course, night vision goggles only have one of the objective lens and image tubes.

They also differ in price. Because night vision goggles are far simpler than binoculars, they are priced a lot cheaper. They are also lighter in weight. That is why they are preferred by many. They add more mobility and flexibility.

The Benefits of Night Vision Goggles

Perhaps you have already read some of the advantages of using goggles over binoculars or other scopes. However, we can expound them a bit. Goggles with night vision capabilities are more convenient. Besides the fact that Night vision goggles lightweight, they can also be mounted, so you do not really have to use your hands to hold them.

Because of convenience, the night vision goggles are ideal to use for surveillance and observation. The story of law enforcers may have also convinced you that these devices are truly dependable when you need to see through the darkness and when you need speed and agility during emergencies.

Like night vision binoculars, goggles do not hurt your eyes. Because you have two eyepieces where you can look into, you can avoid suffering from eye strain, especially if you are going to utilize the night vision goggles for a very long time.

How to Look for the Right Night Vision Goggles

These days you have to be very careful when you are looking for ATN night vision goggles. Some of the shops would sell you mediocre ones, thinking that you would really not know the difference between good or bad ones.

Therefore, when you are shopping for a night vision goggles make sure you are buying them in reputable store. The products should also come from well-known brands such as ATN.


You also have to know where you are going to use the night vision goggles. They are usually classified in terms of generation. The night vision goggles that belong to the first generation are more effective if there are other sources of light such as the moon and the stars. However, if the area is completely dark or there is no additional source of light, you have to select night vision goggles that belong to generations 2 and 3. Do not forget to ask for the best magnification for your application.

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