Setting Up Eve Online Accounts And Characters

Eve Online is one of the most subscribed massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) in the world that is situated in an alternative universe containing thousands and thousands of elements, sub elements, plots and sub-plots. This feature alone, has been able capture the hearts and imaginations of millions of players globally, who tend to become thoroughly involved with the gaming process. If you’re one of those who take their gaming experience seriously, then you’d do well to incorporate different strategies to make you stand out from the rest, something which would hold you in good stead if you decide to trade your Eve online account at a later stage. One such way is by creating interesting Eve Online Characters not based on others’ opinions, but depending on what suits you.

1. You at least need to set up a trial account in order to create an Eve Online character or better still, purchase one. Here are a few tips that would help you create Eve Online characters that stand out.

2. Download and install Eve Online game- The first obvious step would be to download this game if you’ve not done that already. Select the hard drive where you plan to install it after downloading. Make sure there’s enough space on your PC to accommodate it. Once downloaded, start the installation process by clicking on the application file and following the subsequent instructions on your screen. You can also customize your installation.

3. Set up a trial account- As told earlier, one needs to create a trial Eve Online account to play the game. Open the homepage of Eve Online on your internet browser and then enter the relevant information.

4. Login- After completing the installation and accepting the licensing agreement, enter your username and password to login to set up the wow account. You’re on your way to playing Eve Online now!

5. Selection- The next step is all about selecting your preferred attributes for the characters you’d eventually create. For instance you’ve got to select one of the four races by selecting the ‘races’ icon and clicking on it. Keep in mind that you race you select should be in sync with your future plans. You can also customize your characters by choosing a gender bloodline and the ancestry choices for the bloodline. Don’t forget to assess each and every bloodline’s attributes before selecting one. Moreover, it is also possible to change our characters’ outward appearances. Once you do that, you must give a name to your character in order to identify it properly.

6. Other tips- You must know that one is allowed to create three characters for their account. This provides gamers with great flexibility in that they can trial two other characters to gauge other skills while concentrating on the central character. While selecting a suitable eve characters in your trial/paid Eve Online account, always try and incorporate coherent strategies in accordance to your own specific objectives. It is important to know that one good plan in isolation is not going to take you anywhere in this game of Eve Online.

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