sozo for a perfect nutritious beverage!

Sozo is a perfect nutritious health drink made of coffee berry for the health conscious. This wholesome nourishing drink is easily available on A functional beverage – Sozo does not contain any artificial color, flavor or even preservatives.

Coffee berry till very recently was simply discarded – no one ever realized that this was probably the most valuable part of the entire coffee plant. The only way to experience the goodness of this healthful coffee berry today is through Just a three ounce serving is equivalent to about twenty serving of fresh fruits and green vegetables a day. Sozo energizes you and gives the much needed refreshment within minutes. Coffee berry along with the extracts of other fruits and vegetables offer a full range of antioxidant needed for mind and body for an entire day. The flavor is a far cry from the taste associated with coffee and is simply refreshing and delectable while the color is absolutely natural, bright and plant based. The coffee berries used for Sozo are from Southern Mexico where no known chemicals are used and can easily be categorized as organic. The caffeine content is minimal with 1% of the caffeine present in any small chocolate bar.

Sozo is available through direct marketing only. Simply fill up an online form with basic details at and the nearest distributor will get in touch with you at the earliest. Read the latest Sozo information and the details of promotional activities on twitter and face book too. The exciting online promotional activities are sure to lure you to the site again and again. “Wealth program” is the right name given to an exciting offer. It offers to pay you in nine different ways for the use of Sozo and will make you wealthier at the end of the program for sure. is being successfully run by three distinguished entrepreneurs who are extremely market savvy and believe in the concept that being first is really important and have complete faith in direct marketing as well. They have great experience and are adept at making a success of a start up venture however small or big.

J.Larry Cantrell is the CEO and the founder, Mark Adams is the President and a co-founder while Bryan Thyer is another co-founder and CMO too. They are supported by an enthusiastic team who believe in excellence, integrity and quality.

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