Split PST Tool Is One Cost Effective Solution To Split Single PST -Survey Result

Gothenburg, Sweden, December 20, 2011– In the results of an online survey, it was found that Split PST tool is one cost effective solution to split single PST. Complete package of this software comes at nominal price and users get many better facilities in this package. The best facility, which comes in complete package, is related to the highly advanced splitting options. Users can split PST file into small parts in many ways by using the unique dividing options of this tool. One of the incredible features of splitting option allows the users to divide PST file size equally as well.

Other facilities that come in the smashing package of this tool are Easy User-Interface, All Outlook Editions, Bulky PST file support, etc. Users can also break PST file free of cost by using the trial edition of this tool. Overall the query, “How to split single PST” of different users, can get resolved in budget with full package of this PST splitter tool.

Evan Swans (Director, Product Development) said, “All customers feel good when a price effectual tool is provided to them and a survey result showed similar case, our Split tool is discovered as the cost-efficient path to split single PST into small parts. The feature which made our tool perfect for usage is better & highly advanced breaking option. Users can divide PST file size in many ways by using advanced options of our tool.”

Joseph Cain, Head of Support Department said, “It’s great to see that our software gives several facilities to the users at a price fitting to their pocket. We conduct many surveys in regular intervals to know about such preferences of users and almost every time, we get positive results. Our Split PST tool gives better facilities to the users in a relatively low amount. The process to split single PST size becomes fully qualitative with the usage of our tool”

About SysTools: This Company provides high tech and easy-to use application software for the needs of file management, data recovery, data conversion, etc and now, Split PST Tool of this company become one best solution & affordable tool path to split single PST of Microsoft Outlook.

Know more:http://www.splitpst.com/split-single-pst.html


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