Sterling Wong Provides Free MLS Listings to Find Your Dream Home

Mississauga, ON, Canada – March 20, 2011. Sterling Wong offers free MLS listings as per the analysis of property for helping buyers to make a better purchase decision.

For all those who are planning to buy a home, Sterling Wong acts as their online agent.
The buyers need to provide more specific information about their needs such as location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of unit, underground parking spots required, time and distance to work, purchase price range, schools or any other specific needs or any other unique requirements.

Those who wish to get free MLS listings, they can also fill out a real estate wish list available on the web site and then Sterling Wong will send all the MLS listings meeting each individual’s criteria. When a property comes on the market matching individual’s wish list, they are informed right away via email. This is a free service and can be unsubscribed at anytime.

About Sterling Wong

With an arsenal of over 40 Mississauga real estate websites and more than 5000 affiliate websites across the Greater Toronto, Sterling Wong assure the most online presence in the Mississauga markets. Listing homes for sale with Sterling Wong ensures the maximum online exposure needed to sell fast and fetch highest value for Mississauga condos and homes. Sterling Wong collect personal information necessary to sell the property of sellers, to assess, locate and qualify properties for buyers and to otherwise provide professional services to clients and customers.

Sterling Wong
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Phone; 877.979.4979
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