Stockbroker Rene Rivkin is to swap his Sydney Harbour views for the bare walls of a prison cell at weekends after he was sentenced to nine months’ periodic detention yesterday.

The flamboyant trader will spend the next 35 weekends at Sydney’s Silverwater Detention Centre. He has also been fined $30,000 after he was sentenced in the NSW Supreme Court on a charge of insider trading over a trade that made him just $346.

His cell will be a far cry from the Sydney mansion he shares with his wife of 31 years, Gayle, and their five children. Rivkin’s trademark worry beads will be turned in each time he enters the low-security centre on Friday nights.

The manic depressive will be strip-searched before he can join inmates to watch the only television in the centre.

He will then be locked-down in his basic “no-frills” cell at 9.30pm. It will not be until 4.30pm on Sundays that the stockbroker, who was found guilty of insider trading by a jury late last month, will be whisked away in his limousine.

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