That takes a lot of bottle

COCA COLA China was faced with potential egg on its face yesterday after Houston Rocket sports jock Yao Ming complained it had infringed his “image rights”.
Coca Cola China had claimed it had Yao’s permission to use his image to sell its fizzy liquid, according to a report in the egregious People’s Daily.

The report said he wanted Coca Cola to take off his image immediately and reserved the right to sue the soda pop vendor.

But this makes us wonder a bit. What exactly are “image rights”. In the UK it’s apparently an offence to photograph a policewoman or man without her or his permission.

So is the picture of Nvidia’s Roy Taylor, shown on the front page of the INQUIRER today and snapped in Monaco, an infringement of his image rights?

In whiter words, are we using Roy to sell our product?

This could be an interesting test case and we await the usual letter in the long envelope from our learned fiends. µ

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