Three Southern California lawyers accused filing frivolous lawsuits to extract settlement money from thousands of small businesses have been suspended as the State Bar moves to disbar them.

Attorneys Damian Trevor, Allan Hendrickson and Shane Han from the Beverly Hills-based Trevor Law Group will no longer be allowed to practice as disciplinary proceedings move forward, said State Bar spokeswoman Katherine Beitiks.

The trio is accused of abusing a decades-old consumer protection law to file mass lawsuits and then demand hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements. The law – designed to help consumers fight unfair business practices such as false advertising and price-fixing – lets plaintiffs file lawsuits even if they haven’t been directly harmed by the alleged wrongdoing.

At a legislative hearing in January, Hendrickson testified that the Trevor Law Group had filed between 2,000 and 5,000 suits on behalf of a one-man, for-profit organization called the California Watch Enforcement Corp., which state records show shares the same address as the law firm.

“Many of these cases were not serving the public, but rather were attacking small businesses who had violations of the most minor type,” State Bar Court Judge Richard A. Honn wrote in his 126-page ruling.

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