Three Year Old Child Dies In Bel Air Swimming Pool Drowning Accident

August 31, 2009 (Horatio Algren) According to reports, a three year old child died after a swimming pool accident in Bel Air.

The three year old child was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center, after the swimming accident and after attempts by the child’s family members attempted to revive him while waiting for rescue crews to arrive.

According to retired paramedic Bill Ramsey, the child did not get the chance he deserved, since the closing of the neighborhoods fire and rescue services. The call was routed to another fire department according to Los Angeles Fire Department dispatch records.

The emergency crews from this station had been called out less than two minutes prior to the swimming pool drowning call, which meant the next station was alerted taking more than 10 minutes to arrive to the location where the family was attempting to revive the child.

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