TM Group responds to suspension of Home Information Packs (HIPS)

Getting the housing market back on track

When Home Information Packs (HIPs) were introduced in July 2007, the process of selling a home was made more complicated. On the 20th May 2010, it was announced that the HIP regulations would be suspended with immediate effect pending full legislation.

TM Group is an established search technology company committed to providing cost effective online report services for everyone involved in buying and selling property.

Nick Dyoss, Sales Director at TM Group, says: “The introduction of HIPs has always been controversial and led to extra complexity in the housing market and ultimately increased costs for the end consumer. The industry has geared up to fulfil the legislative criteria and there will be a period of change. This announcement does mean that solicitors can regain control of the conveyancing process. Home sellers will also benefit from the solicitor’s experience and expertise as well as no upfront costs and sometimes having to duplicate searches when their property remains on the market for a long period.”

TM Group is continually improving its services to the industry, including recently establishing direct links with all Local Authorities in England and Wales so that it can offer a full range of searches including Official Searches more cost effectively. With in-house UK based teams, TM Group works closely with customers to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in legislation and anticipating trends in the market in order to deliver market-leading and competitive services.

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