Toyota Settles Negligent Killing Lawsuit

Toyota Lawsuits
Toyota car crash – Toyota Motor Corp. reports it settled one of what could be hundreds of lawsuits. Also, the suits are related to wrongful deaths and injuries. Most of all, these as a result of Toyota’s ‘sudden acceleration’ auto fault.

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This Was a Settlement for a 2010 Camry Crash

A Toyota spokeswoman said Thursday that the company reached the agreement. Also, this was in the wrongful death case brought by the family of Paul Van Alfen and Charlene Jones Lloyd. The couple got killed when their Toyota Camry crashed into a wall in Utah in 2010.

Details of the settlement were not released.  But last month, Toyota agreed to a settlement worth more than $1 billion. So this was to resolve hundreds of lawsuits claiming economic losses. Last, these are for suffering by a few Toyota owners. But hundreds of more lawsuits over deaths and injuries remained.

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