Tree Flower Essences: Expanding Consciousness Through Natural Energy Of Nature

In the pursuit of happiness, we are ultimately searching for something higher, greater and joyful. We are like streams joining into rivers, over rapids and waterfalls seeking a return to the source. Whatever helps us to resonate with that source may be experienced as healing and beneficial. Being in nature is one of the ways we can reconnect and deepen our connection with the source, and feel a sense of oneness and peace.

As tree flower essences are purely natural remedies that record the resonance or feeling of many wonderful trees and plants they differ from traditional herbal medicinal preparations as we normally think of them, nor are they essential oils with aromatic qualities. Instead they touch the sphere of emotional well-being and vitality through their resonance held as an imprint or memory of a tree.

Touching and supporting our emotions, the tree flower essences are not only for healing emotional challenges, in fact the release and transformation of negative emotions that often happens with tree flower essences is a bi-product I believe of the expansion of consciousness that occurs with essences as they nourish us with their resonance. Resonance is like food, nurturing our being.

The physician Edward Bach, originator of Bach Flower Remedies, saw his flower remedies as flooding us with positive energy and raising our vibration. With this higher vibration, disease would melt as snow in the sunshine. Bach Rescue Remedy has become well known worldwide and people still use it primarily as an aid in emergencies, but its real action is via its uplifting energy.

Our handcrafted Tree Flower Essences capture the energy of different trees and plants. One of our tree flower combination essences is called People Rescue and like Bach Rescue Remedy, it can be used successfully for fears, traumas, shocks and so forth. Recently, an older woman with advanced cancer was given our People Rescue essences. She wanted to go on a last cruise with a friend and was nervous about it as fear and anxiety were occurring for her, but using the People Rescue Essence, she found that she was able to relax. She said the essence calmed and grounded her, allowing her to make the most of these important moments.

A good analogy is listening to music. If we listen to a beautiful symphony by Mozart or a concerto of Bach, we are both nourished and uplifted. When we ingest a combination tree flower essence like People Rescue, instead of it being sound, we are nourished by the resonance of the different trees captured in the essence.

We may use tree flower essences entirely for their healing benefit, but many people are using them as a way of expanding their consciousness through attuning to the natural resonance or music inherent in them. As we bring more light of consciousness in, our energy flows more easily, blocks are released and both healing and inner growth happen.

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