Universal Information Service – A Comprehensive Media Monitoring Service

LawFuel.com – The International Law Media Service – Universal Information Service, Inc is a company that has been providing media analysis, new monitoring and research services for more than a century. The company established in 1908 is a leading information services provider that strives to provide the business with the latest news and information related to their business. Since the time we began our operations we have worked diligently and with utmost passion to probe and understand the needs of our clients and keep pace with latest technology to help them meet their needs.
Irrespective of the size and magnitude of the business be it the world’s largest Public Relation organization of a small marketing firm, we work in close association with each customers to thoroughly understand their business needs and offer a customized news monitoring service to exactly suits your business. At Universal Information Service, we offer our customers a comprehensive solution for media monitoring. UIS has the distinction of being one of the very companies that provides media monitoring solutions across all forms of media including broadcast, social media, web and print. We also pride ourselves in offering our services at the most competitive prices in the industry.
After we probe into the exactly news media search needs of the business, our team of trained staff develop a specialized strategy to help the business get the news articles and press clippings from around the world, which are as per the parameters suggested by the business. We offer the press clipping in both hard copy form and digital version of the same. We offer the fastest press clipping service at rates as low as $0.60 per article or $60 per month; customers can choose the service level depending on their budget.
In today’s times it is nearly impossible for the businesses survive without having web presence. At Universal Information Service we help the business to effectively gauge the impact of their web presence and manage their hits; we provide a comprehensive interface for monitoring corporate websites, blogs, social media sites and online news sources.
At Universal Information Service, we offer a wide range of web and social media tracking package, you can opt for national, regional or international media monitoring services. Depending on the requirements provided by the business we provide web content and social media analysis service to maximize their media exposure.
The construction leads services offered by UIS allows the business engaged in construction business to gain information about the construction notices, the information is sent to the customers through emails. Our construction leads services allow the customers to search for a certain type of construction project and being their preparation well in advance of their competitors. Business can subscribe for our construction leads services for a fees of just $65 per month.

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