Want to do Internet Reselling? Final Fantasy is your answer!

Internet resellers are all over the internet if you want a FFXI account. With over three grand FFXI accounts being active throughout the day and available almost at all times you have hundreds of characters available and 70 to 80 levels are available on your local server for purchase. There are high end kind of FFXI accounts that are available for purchase and lower end kind of FFXI accounts available for purchase too. All these are bought by the internet sellers from their inventors residing in Europe and the US.

There are numerous organizations that are available on the internet who are providing services of transferring your account, and they will be at your disposal till all the features are working after transferring to your new account (age of conan account) or to your pending account from one server to another server. You have a wide variety of characters to pick from some of them are Death Knights, Druids, Mages, Hunters, Rogues, Priests, Shamans and much more varying from level 55 to level 80, on your local PVP and PVE servers. For an internet reseller selling one FFXI account is equal to selling 20 MMO game accounts. When you are going to create a FFXI account you can submit all your particulars and get an estimate and once you have paid, the system does a standard procedure check on all the features in your FFXI account and then runs a standard check on your characters if you have purchased any characters. There are 3000 FFXI accounts that are available all through the day!! Within 48 hours your FFXI account is created.

All FFXI account are 100% guaranteed and completely secure, a reimbursement is done on your FFXI account or on your character purchased and if the mistake is on the Internet Resellers side, an additional account promotion or new account is received and advertising is done at no extra cost with an additional refund. Your FFXI account is for life if you know how to take care of it well (that is if nobody misuses your account). Sometimes when you purchase the automatic system fails hence you will have to go into a chat mode and manually run the diagnostic tests and set them up. If the automated procedures work then it is done under less than 30 seconds. If it is done manually it will take a little extra time.

Online resellers have many different levels of FFXI accounts to offer to their customers and these are completely secured from preplayed, preplayed transferable, preplayed transferable to a new account pending, preplayed transferable to a brand new account. You can also ask for the original secure power levelling and power levelling 2.0 with the escort services. Purchase you eq2 accounts from US based companies because these are the companies that last long and are dependable. The best Idea would be to buy directly from a wholesale company Most of the FFXI accounts have all the information that the user would require to get into the account. If the user would wish they can call the customer care for further assistance.

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