West Virginia Church Received $10 Thousand in Unclaimed Property

A West Virginia church has been the beneficiary of $10 thousand worth of unclaimed property. According to the reports, State Treasurer John Perdue presented a $10,312 check to Rev. Monty Brown of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in downtown Charleston on Friday.

Perdue’s bureau found mislaid resources from the St. Mark’s Educational Trust Fund, which is used to compensate the preparation of destiny pastors and deacons in the Methodist Church. The funds were discovered by the office of the Purdue field officer Roger Hughes. The funds raised will be allocated to the seminary of the church to fund the education expenses of students studying at ministries.

In addition to the church above, billions of dollars are being returned to the residents of West Virginia. More than $100 million of West Virginia unclaimed property have already been returned by John Perdue himself. “We have been so gladdened to the treasurer’s bureau for anticipating income you were not even wakeful of,” Brown said on Friday. “This allows folks to go through the costly tender of preparation toward ordination.” Brown benefited from those supports himself when he complicated to become apportion after operative as a counsel for fifteen years.

Recent years have seen an unprecedented spike in the value and volume of unclaimed property in West Virginia. People like Robert Hughes have dedicated their investigation towards finding the large amounts of West Virginia unclaimed property. As a results, millions of West Virginia residents have benefited from this drive and have benefited from the ownership of the WV unclaimed property. The official website of the state treasury has all the relevant information for anybody who wants to conduct a search for any WV unclaimed property.

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