What Is a CCTV Monitor?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. A CCTV monitor refers to one of the screens used in closed-circuit television. Closed-circuit television is a system where images from cameras are sent to monitors that are directly connected to the cameras, unlike other types of broadcasting, which use airwaves to conduct signals.

There are some good features of LCD CCTV monitor:
· Monitor Features: 17″ TFT LCD monitor for CCTV systems, ideal for use with digital recording systems.
· Recording: ideal for use with digital recording systems

Closed-circuit television can only be viewed on specific monitors and cannot be seen on televisions or other devices that are not directly connected to the cameras. These monitors display pictures used for a variety of purposes, including monitoring traffic, to show pictures at sporting events, to detect crimes and to monitor the functioning of machines or other equipment in factories.

On most CCTV monitors , you can adjust the brightness and contrast to improve the display picture and turn off the equipment when not in use. CCTV monitors are available in black and white and color. When CCTV monitors are in plain view of the public, they may reduce the threat of vandalism and theft as potential perpetrators know they are being watched. You can buy online CCTV lcd Monitor here http://www.123discountshop.com/tftlcdmonitor/lcd-flat-screen.htm

In industrial settings, CCTV monitors help ensure quality control and productivity. A CCTV camera system can be used for many different things. Many times CCTV is related to security and traffic. These systems can be found for large facilities and have also been altered to be able to be used for smaller properties and areas. These systems work by sending a direct feed to a fixed receiver. These are very difficult to break into.
CCTV camera systems are also found in public areas and can be used to take pictures of individuals and then identify them. Many individuals look at this as an invasion of privacy but the police and governments have been successful at finding and stopping terrorists, murderers and thieves using CCTV camera systems. 123discountshop offers you more cctv lcd monitors here http://www.123discountshop.com/tftlcdmonitor/lcd-flat-screen.htm

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