Why Global Jurix, is the Leading Law Firm name in India

Global jurix, established in 2002 is a premier full service law firm providing innovative solutions to its domestic as well as international clients keeping in view the expectations, budget and requirement of the client and its business. Establishing a successful law firm in this dynamic world of business and reaching up to the expectations of the customers is very competitive in its own way but being a multi-service providing law firm in india, we have been serving are clients with quality and up to legal solutions for all their queries at very reasonable cost. As a reputed law firm in delhi, we have a large portfolio of legal services which is developed by our highly talented, skilled and experienced professionals delivering excellent client services.

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Our law offices are situated in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and Nagpur aimed at producing excellent work quality and delivering satisfactory services to the client. Known for solving critical legal queries, we make up to the top law firms in india as our professionals are highly experienced in the field of law and have up to date information and knowledge of the law and regulations in india which helps them serve you with effective legal services and sophisticated legal work depending upon your requirement and need. Our law firm in mumbai is well established and dedicatedly working on providing all types of legal services among which the most common expertise areas are helping expand business in india, advising and also setting up foreign companies in india.

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The legal industry is vast when it comes to client servicing. Our main practice areas include arbitration, banking and finance, corporate and commercial, dispute resolution, FDI, Immigration, IPO, Advisory, capital market, legal process outsourcing, merger & acquisition, taxation, joint ventures, litigation, trademark, patent registration, company formation, intellectual property rights and more. There might be plenty of law firm in hyderabad, but being the only renowned law firm, and the expertise, in depth knowledge of the our professionals enables it to considerably provide comprehensive solutions, strategies and all types of legal services to the clients across the country. The significant experience of the partners and associates related with our law firm in ahmedabad has provided a broader range of legal services to both domestic as well as international clients, making global jurix, a leading law firms in india.

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